Zumba Mania, the Zuma-like game

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Zumba Mania, the Zuma-like game
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Zumba Mania, the Zuma-like game

Have played the original classic version of the Zumba Mania Game? It's called Zuma. If so, you'll be familiar with the plot of this game. If not then read on. This is a marble shooting game. The path seen on the map is thow a snake of marbles is going to move. You can see the color of the marble that you're going to shoot in the mouth of the frog. You point at the spot where you want to shoot the marble and click to release the marble. If you 3 in a row of same colored balls, will make those three disappear. Works with 3 or more of same color. Enjoy this game, have fun and share the fun with y


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